Your solution to easy payments

GTFCharge allows you to integrate billing solution that is effective against fraud and chargebacks. It uses state of the art software to prevent fraud from gaining access to your content.

Avoid of chargebacks and fraud

GTFCharge has an extensive real-time connectivity to black and white lists that will prevent our customers from paying unnecessary charges, by preventing and acting in realtime to stop fraudsters in their tracks.

Competitive rates for your needs

GTFCharge does volume per week, by month and your account can changed dynamically as you go. You pay for the volume you process get a quote today.

Maximize your earnings

GTFCharge is a leader in security and uses the best methodology to maximize your earnings, we have custom scripting that allows you to change the way you do business maximizing your true potential earnings ask about it today.

Increase your brand recognition

GTFCharge has its own affiliate system for you to utilize the latest technology and tools to actually have your web masters not only earn from the conversion but also help in the ranking and PR for your brand.

Welcome to GTFCharge Support!

GTFCharge a leader in anti fraud and theft defeat services. We are here to serve the customer and merchant with live support of ticket system that is always answered within minutes of your request. We offer support 24/7 and we are always improving the way we interact with consumer and merchants to meet all your needs and requests.

GTFCharge guarantees customer satisfaction and commitment at working for you to complete your support requests, with 100% customer satisfaction.

If you wish to cancel, reset or any other concern with your account, or if you feel this is not your account but had a recent charge with GTFCharge on it, click the link to contact support via ticket system.